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The 'Big Easy' 6-Port Feeder

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The RoxResin is not the only attractive aspect of this feeder. The  ports can be removed and the base twists off so the whole feeder is easy to clean.




The Really Wild Bird Food Co

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When a feeder advertises itself by stating it will 'never rust, peel or be destroyed by squirrels - ever', it is bound to catch my attention!  When The Really Wild Bird Food Co offered to send me one to trial with a range of their seed mixes, I was keen to take a closer look.  The seed mixes will be reviewed in a separate page.


I received the 6 port version of this feeder. It is an impressive size, holding more than 2 litres of seed. The feeder is also available in a 2 and 4 port version.


The base, lid and ports are made of 'RoxResin'. This tough material claims to be 'chew-proof' and comes with an impressive 100 yr guarantee!! That is an amazing claim, so I am going to watching squirrel activity closely on this feeder!



The feeder also has the option of pole mounting.


I mounted this feeder at my Hub feeder station, viewable on my cameras and it was only a couple of seconds before the birds (and the squirrel!) was testing it out! I filled it with the High Energy seed blend from the Really Wild Bird food Co.



I must admit, my first impressions are that this feeder ticks all the boxes! It claims to be tough, squirrel chew-proof and is big enough to hold large quantites of food. I am looking forward to seeing how it performs over the next month or so. I will add to this review after I have allowed the wildlife in my garden to put it through its paces!

There is a 'Seed Ventilation System' that claims to keep the food 'fresh for longer'. It allows ventilation and prevents the base of the feeder filling with water meaning seed at the base, below the ports, remains dry.

The feeder also has the option of a large seed tray, which I think is a brilliant addition. Not only does it cut down on food wastage, but it also provides a great perch for those species that often don't like using the perches. You can also get more birds on the feeder at any one time.

This feeder is available to buy from The Really Wild Bird Food Co; a family run business, based in Hampshire. Here, the company grow much of their own bird seed. Click on the picture to the left or the prices below to go to their website.

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