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Bushnell NatureView HD

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BushnellNaturecutout IMG_6383 NatureViewBox

It is always good to see a company respond to the market and the new Bushnell NatureView Trail Cam shows how Bushnell are now responding to the need for a trail cam that is very much aimed at the wildlife market. Trail cams, often known as ‘Trophy Cams’ were originally designed in the USA for hunters to scout for game, and I was always rather uncomfortable with the name ‘Trophy Cam’. These remote cameras can be set up anywhere and run on AA batteries. When the unit senses movement and body warmth, it will either take a photo or a video (depending on how you have set it up) and save it onto an SD card. This can then be viewed on a laptop or PC.


The new range of NatureView Cams we will be seeing for Bushnell over the coming years are in response to the growing popularity and usage of these great bits of kits in the Wildlife market, and I was lucky enough to get the new NatureView 119438, all re-packaged and now a rather attractive mossy green colour. This trail cam boasts 720HD video, with audio, a camera with an 8MP CMOS sensor and, thanks to its Hyper NightVision technology, the cameras 32-LED flash has a range of 60ft (18.3 m) for clear shots in low-light conditions.

The packaging looks much better. Previous packaging, to someone who did not know what a trail cam was, told you nothing about the capabilities of its contents or what it was designed to do. The new packaging is much better and clearly show what the unit is designed to do.


I wanted to get this bit of kit outside and see how it performed… and see how it looked out in the field.  Initially, I was unsure about the change of colour… until I actually saw the unit and put it outside. It actually blended in really well… in fact, I think that it was more effective at blending in than the dark brown unit. I have not tried the camo units, but I am impressed with how this one looked and tried it in a selection of locations.


Initial trials with this unit have produced promising results both in day and night. The day time clarity is excellent, with a good depth of field focus and excellent colour and audio.


The ability to adjust the IR strength at night means you can place the unit closer to subjects without burn-out.


I will be using the NatureView a lot over the coming months and trialing it in a variety of conditions and locations, so watch out for updates on my website and blog.

WildlifeKateShop Lgog IMG_6408 IMG_6415

The footage I have captured so far has been good. The IR coverage is even and the footage looks pretty clear. These were captured in fields close to my home. I know the foxes pass through here as they are the same families that visit my feeding station. It is good to know the badgers are getting close as well though.....

I feel that this new NatureView, with its attractive packaging will help secure Bushnell in the wildlife trailcam market for the average nature enthusiast. You don't have to be a wildlife or IT expert to use a trail cam.... simply set it up in your garden at night to see what visits... you may be surprised!