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Garden Bird Selection Pack

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From Farbrook Farm

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Sometimes it is nice to be able to send a wildlife gift to a young person or someone who is getting interested in attracting birds to the garden. When I received this 'Garden Bird Selection Pack' through the post from Farbrook Farm, I thought it was a great idea to create a 'starter' type pack; a pack that would get someone started and be quick to attract a good range of species to the garden.


Some 'starter' packs I have seen before have a rather cheap, wheat based food in, which will do little to attract anything other than pigeons to the garden... not a good introduction to the wonderful world of bird feeding! This kit, however, has a really good selection of quality foods that will appeal to the palettes of a wide variety of species. The kit includes:


1kg of niger seed (perfect for goldfinches)

1kg of peanuts

1 kg of sunflower hearts (the gourmet 'attract all' food!)

5 fat balls

100g dried mealworms (the robin's favourite!)


and then 2 bags of a mixed seed:


1kg premium seed

1kg soft bill mix

P1000349 P1000348

The Premuim Seed Mix contains kibbled maize, white & red millet, red dari, sunflower hearts, black sunflower seeds, niger seeds, peanut grains. This is a good all-round mix that will appeal to the tits, and finches certainly!

The Premuim Soft Bill Mix contains peanut granules, flaked & pinhead oats, sunflower hearts, apple suet, diced apple and sultanas. This is perfect for the bird table or ground feeding and the blackbirds will love it!


P1000340 P1000341 P1000346

The Seed Mixes:

The kit also contains 2 feeders; a basic, plastic seed feeder         and a metal spiral fat ball feeder. 


I am a seasoned feeder of birds and I would not use a plastic feeder like this as it would not last 5 minutes in my garden as the squirrels would destroy it! If squirrels were not a problem, then this feeder would do the job until you decided to buy something a little more substantial.


I have never used the spiral type fat ball feeders as I have always been a little concerned about the possiblities of birds getting stuck in them. I have not seen any proof of this happening though, but I would prefer to see a standard fat ball feeder in with this pack I think.


In my opinion, I would rather see one better quality feeder in this kit, than two of a lesser quality. The food in the pack is of a really good quality and I think a higher end feeder would make this a cracking starter kit!


The website sells a range of other feeders and I would like to see one (or 2!) of these inside this kit instead of the current ones....

P1000343 goldfinch_finder_800px_1 steel_feeder__800px

Goldfinch Finder

Classic 2 port seed feeder

Fat Ball Holder

Overall, I think this has the makings of a really good Starter Kit. I  like the food selection choices and it would give you a good indication of the kinds of birds that might visit your garden as it will appeal to a wide variety of species. The feeder choices are basic, but adequate.


A slight change in the feeders included and I would consider this kit as a gift for a birthday or Christmas, certainly!