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Grisport 'Hurricane' Boots

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Leather walking boots

I have only ever owned two pairs of leather walking boots and, I must admit, they have not been my most favourite! They were both pretty heavy and took several months to 'break in' and I endured plasters and blisters in the process. With the development of waterproofing for materials, I have much preferred the lighter-weight webbing type boots and these are what I tend to spend most of my time in (if I am not wearing wellies!)


When Grisport approached me and asked me if I would be interested in trialling a pair of their leather boots, I did think I might prefer some of their other range of boots.... those that were more similar to what I currently wear, but was more than happy to give them a go!


When the packet arrived, I thought they must have sent me a material type boot, as the box weighed hardly anything! When I opened it, I must admit, I was astounded at how light these leather boots are. At only 885g, they are actually lighter than my current boots! Straight away, I could see the leather on these boots was nothing like previous pairs I had owned. Soft and supple, these boots felt like they had been broken in already.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.27.08

These boots have a waxed leather upper, with no lines of stitching that may cause any weakness for water ingress. They are cushion-lined with a Sportex waterproof and breathable lining, ensuring that, if your feet get hot, you do not get a sweaty build up of dampness inside the boot.



The tongue of the boot is attached up to lower ankle to ensure no water gets in if you do walk through water and the laces run through a 'self-locking' hook which keeps them tight.



The ankles bones are often a place where runbbing occurs, but these boots have a soft, cushioned ankle section.


My feet are very narrow, yet I was able to tighten and adjust them for a really snug fit... in fact, I was astounded at how light and comfortable they felt as soon as I put them on.... my opinion on leather walking boots was about to change!

P1040766 hurricane-grey-p947-37967_image

The sole of the boot is thick and study, made of Vibram rubber. It had some 'gvie' in it, so I felt it would cope well on hard ground as well as soft. The tread pattern is well defined, so should stop the boot from being too slippery when out and about.

It was time to get these boots on and get outside. I was reluctant to go too far in them first time, as I still believed these boots would hurt or rub my feet in some way... for the first few outings at least.... but I was wrong!


I have now been out in these boots for the last month or so and I can quite honestly say, they have not hurt or rubbed my feet in any way whatsoever! Their soft and supple leather, combined with the adjustable lacing has meant that these feel like they were made for my feet and they are the closest I have come to a pair of slippers you can wear out on a dog walk! An exaggerration, you may think... but, honestly, I am very impressed! I simply love these boots!


I took some photos on my dog walk to show you these boots 'in action'......



IMG_5100 IMG_5101 IMG_5102 IMG_5103 IMG_5104 IMG_5106 Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.27.08

I love outdoor gear, but like to look good as well. These boots are not too bulky and look as good with outdoor trousers, as they do with my jeans! I would wear them as a general boot with jeans!

The boots perform brilliantly in wet grass and damp conditions.....

Light, soft and flexible, the boots are comfortable for walking, scrambling and climbing over a variety of terrains and stiles!

How waterproof are these boots though? Can they stand up to wet and soggy conditions? I put them to the test!

I have walked through very wet long grass, through puddles and even stood in a stream and these boots have kept my feet warm and dry! You opbviously don't want to do any deeper than the tongue protection, but for most walking expeditions from a dog walk to a day in the hills, I am confident these boots are easily up to the task!

What else can I say?


I have worn these boots for a month now. I have dried them and used  a Nikwax cream on them to keep the leather soft and waterproof.


Leather boots are an investment and proper care is essential keep them looking good and functioning well. In an ideal world, you should clean your boots after every instance of wear. I simply wipe  mine down with a cloth and then pop them in my hall;  a cool location away from a direct source of heat such as a radiator as this can cause the leather to dry too quickly and to crack.



These boots have already become my favourite and I can see them walking many miles over the coming years.... a big thank you to Grisport for sending me them!  If you would like to find out more  after reading my review, visit the Grisport website by clicking on the image below.



Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 13.35.07