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Hedgehog Feeding Station

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Ark Wildlife

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I was particularly intereted in trialling this new Ark Wildlife product as not only do I feed hedgehogs in my garden, but I also live stream the footage on my website. Last year, I had problems with cats and even a fox cub coming into the hedgehog feeding station to eat the food! I usually have two feeding stations; one enclosed and one in the open.


This  hedgehog box is designed for feeding, yet the last one I used was actually a hedgehog hibernation box.


Low and flat to the ground, even my skinny siameses will struggle to get in here! Cats can be the biggest problem when you are feeding hedgehogs in a garden environment and this has been designed to keep them at bay!

The two entrances are an excellent idea and our prickly friends can get rather aggressive when two are in a confined space… especially when one curls up in front of the exit so the 2nd one cannot escape (as has happened in my feeding station!


A great design feature is the open base. Hedgehogs are pretty messy eaters and often poo in the feeding station as well! It can be difficult to keep clean. The open base to this means you can clean the ground on which it is placed, or put a piece of old board underneath (which I have done) and then just discard it or remove it when it gets messy so the area remains clean.

Last year, I placed a solar light in my feeding station as the hedgehogs do not seem to be concerned by a light and it means I can get colour images on my live cameras. In preparation for my 2013 hedgehog visitors, I  mounted some daylight LEDs in this box and the image is looking great!  The full account of how I set up lights in the box can be seen on my blog HERE.

This set up has proven to be very successful! I have captured some super clips and even had the footage appear on Springwatch! The videos captured from this 'Prickly Diner' can be seen in this You Tube Playlist. I would most definitely recommend this feeding station!