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Really Wild Bird Food Company

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A selection of wild bird food

I am keen to support family-based UK companies wherever possible so when I recieved a selection of bird seed mixes from The Really Wild Bird Food Company, I wanted to find out a little more about a company that was keen to home produce as much as possible for the UK. This is how Richard & Lesley describe themselves and their philosophy...


Our philosophy is simple. We are very focused on growing and producing high quality products for garden birds, offering our customers really good service (with a personal touch), and keeping the business running smoothly. Our decision making is quick. If things don’t go to plan – we can fix them immediately, with no fuss. If you call us, you will know exactly who you will be speaking to, and you can be totally confident that we will always try to do our best for you and your birds


We are farmers who are dedicated to producing cereal grains and oil seeds of the highest quality and cleanliness, which we offer to our customers either as straight seeds, or as nutritious home-produced seed mixes.

We have specialised in growing bird seed crops for over 20 years now; 20 years of continuous development helped (of course!) by input from our customers. We can control the whole production process from drilling the seed to final mixing and cleaning – keeping a close eye on all aspects of production to ensure that our customers receive the very best, locally grown bird seed – from the very best producers.

We currently grow sunflowers, white millet, red millet, plain canary seed, naked oats, oil seed rape and wheat for your garden birds. All zero air-mile products. The products which we are unable to grow on the farm (due to the unsuitable climate) are niger seed, peanuts, safflower and sunflower hearts. In line with our commitment to minimise our carbon footprint, we source these products from Europe where possible, however peanuts and niger seed (which need a really hot climate) have to come from farther afield.

I received four different feed mixes to trial with my wildlife. I get through quite a lot of bird food as I have numerous feed stations both for birds and for mammals. I often buy straight seed mixes and then blend my own. I was interested to see what seeds were included in these mixes and how well recieved they would be in my feeders.

Tidy Garden Suet Boost

New Tidy Garden Suet Boost is an ultra high energy premium seed mix. A combination of  Tidy Garden Mix with insect rich high-energy suet pellets. A highly calorific bird food which offers immediate, readily digestible calories

The products in this Tidy Garden™ Range are husk free, non-germinating and ‘no-mess’, as everything is edible.


Sunflower hearts

Peanut granules

Pinhead oatmeal

Cut maize

Insect suet pellets


High Energy Blend


This High Energy Blend is a free flowing husk free Premium Bird Seed Mix, packed full of nutritious and energy rich seeds. No husks means more calories per kilo, and no residual waste.


Bakery grade sunflower hearts (45%)

Naked oats

Cut maize

Peanut granules


White and red millet


This seed was popular with all the species, with the robins and blackbirds seeking out the suet pellets! There seemed to be very little left, with the cut maize seeming to be the least favourite out of this mix. It flows well in the seed feeders unless the feeder gets wet, as the suet pellets tend to go rather mushy. This seed is great for protected feeders (where dampness is not an issue) or the bird table and is certainly popular with a range of species including blue tits, great tits, goldfinch, greenfinch, nuthatch, blackbird, house sparrow, dunoock and robin.

This seed mix was popular with just about all the species visiting the seed feeder. It flows really well in the seed feeders with no cloggingand I put it on the bird table too. The sunflower hearts were popular with all the species and the greenfinch seemed to like the safflower. I don't get many sparrows here so the white and red millet did not seem as popular with my species... although the wood mice seemed to like it!


Original Farm Mix

With 10 different ingredients, helping to attract the widest range of seed loving birds to your garden, the Original Farm Mix is unbeatable in terms of quality and value for money- and 85% of the ingredients are grown at home on the Really Wild Bird FoodHampshire farm.


Black sunflower seeds


Plain canary seed

Oilseed rape

Naked oats


Cut maize

Peanut granules


This seed mix was fed on the bird table, although it is free flowing enough to be fed in a seed feeder as well. The finches tended to go for the  black sunflower seeds and it was the stock doves and the wood pigeons who ate just about everything, including the wheat element in this mix. The range of seeds offer options for just about all the species likely to visit your garden and it is an excellent value mix.

Sparrow Seed Mix


Did you know that around 1 in 4 British Gardens which hosted Sparrows in 1995 no longer do? The reason for their decline may be multi-factorial, but a reduced  invertebrate food source during the breeding season and a loss of  available nesting sites may be significant factors. Sparrows love cereal grains and invertebrates - so The Really Wild Bird Food Co have created this fantastic new seed mix just for them!  It won't just be Sparrows which devour this new mix.

11 tasty ingredients, including;

Sunflower hearts

Dried mealworms


Red and white millet

Naked oats


I do not get many sparrows visiting here, so was not sure how well this seed would go down with my visitors. The handful of house sparrows that do come certainly seemed to enjoy this mix. Maybe more might visit if I continue to offer this mix in my feeders! It is free flowing and works well in the feeder, although I would recommend a tray as the birds liked to root through this mix, spreading it all over the place! The finches seemed to appreciate the  combination of seeds and the robin picked all the mealworms out!

Price for 8kg bag: £16.95

Price for 8kg bag: £13.95

Price for 8kg bag: £18.95

Price for 8kg bag: £22.45

I am impressed with the philosophy and the range of products available and I am looking forward to finding out more about the Really Wild Bird Fod Company and trialling a few more of their products. A big thank you to them for sending me these mixes to try. Do take a look at their website by clicking on the link above. Also, take a look at this video, explaining a little more about the farm.

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