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Ridgeline Storm Jacket

Ridgeline logo large-ridgeline-storm-jacket Rola_-7949

When I was asked to trial the Ridgeline Storm Warm Jacket, an Easter Trip to mid Wales seemed the perfect time to put it through its paces!


The Ridgeline Storm Jacket Mountain Shirt has been designed for outdoor use in extreme cold conditions, and is designed to be used as part of a layering system where it can be worn as a mid-layer between a warm base garment and a waterproof outer layer if required. It is completely wind-proof, but not waterproof. As we had a dry weekend, I just wore this with a long sleeved top underneath and was amazed at how warm it kept me in bitter winds and freezing temperatures... the blue skies are deceptive!


I liked this smock-style jacket straight away! The sizing means that they come up quite small and this fitted me perfectly. Its warm, fleecy lining felt cosy and the outer 'Ven Tex' shell allows the body to breathe, but is windproof. The side zips make it a bit easier to put on and take off, but was a bit of a struggle when I had a thin fleece underneath. The fleecy lining is designed with 'pocket pile fibres' that trap heat generated by the body, creating a warm barrier between the body and the fleece. I loved the long, sculptured back which was great when sitting down as it was long enough to sit on. The large front , single pocket was soft lined and great for keeping hands warm, combined with the neoprene thumb cuffs. These ensured no drafts up the sleeves. This jacket even has a detachable hood. I found it a little large and there were no cords to adjust it at all, sadly. It was great with the wind behind me, but kept blowing down when facing the wind.


The outer shell is fully windproof, but not waterproof. I would wear this with a waterproof outer layer if rain was forecast. Its Ven-Tex shell is quiet, but I would worry about clambering through brambles in this as it seems quite delicate and I would be worried about tagging it. The lower arms are reinforced though, so this area is well protected.

P1060255 Rola_-7948 Rola_-7946 Rola_-7936

With a wind chill factor of -8, crossing the Barmouth Bridge put the wind-proof capabilities of this jacket to the test! I fully expected to feel a bit chilly, but this coat hugs the body and did not let any icy draughts in... I was impressed!

Windproof Ven-Tex outer shell

Detachable hood, lined with the 'pocket-pile' fleece lining

Large zip pocket

Cosy 'all through' pocket for hands

Neoprene thumb cuffs to stop draughts up the sleeves

Reinforced lower arm area

Cosy fleecy lining


Long, sculpted back

Velcro wrist adjustments

Overall, I am very pleased with this jacket. It performed well in difficult conditions and I know it will become an integral part of my day to day wear.