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Bushnell Rubicon

H150L Head Torch

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Despite often going out in the dark to feed foxes, check on my hens or fill the Hedgehog feeder, I have never owned a head torch. I was interested to see how well this new one from Bushnell was and it certainly looked good!


Attractively packaged, this head torch is advertised as having a brightness of 173 Lumens, a reach of 74m, advanced T.I.R (total internal reflection) optics with collimated beam technology (this means the beam does not diverge, giving a clear straight beam, with little drop off either side).


It also boasts a high and low spotlight, high and low beam and then you can put both of these on to create a high or low flood light. In addition, there is a red glow option.... plenty to have a play with on a dark night.

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The two lights can be put on low or high, alone or combined to give you a range of light options.

The head torch runs on 3 AA batteries mounted in a battery pack on the back of the head strap. A lockout button ensures that the torch cannot be turned on accidently in your rucksack. The hinge alows you to angle the beam accurately.

P1080478 10h150-redhalo

The red glow can be useful when watching wildlife as many species seem unworried by a red light.


The build quality is really good and the torch feels solid, rugged and well made.


I have been using this head torch a lot and have found that the great advantage is that I have both hands free, opposed to holding a torch, which is what I usually do.  The beam is incredibly bright, especially if the combined light is used. It took me a while to remember which was which and I spent some time flashing between all the modes bfore I could remember where to turn them all on without taking it off of my head!


Battery life seem really good... I have been using this for several months (albeit for relatively short periods at a time). I would imagine this set of AAs will last for a good length of time. I have also used my rechargeables from my trailcams in it.


Working outside at various sites over the winter, with light fading very early, this head torch has been invaluable! I am often doing jobs that need two hands, so this is far preferable to a torch.


The thick, elasticated strap is comfortable to wear (especially with a woolly hat on in winter!)


This head torch now lives in my racksack and  I would certainly recommend it.

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The Bushnell Rubicon Head Torch retails at around £25