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Bushnell Rubicon A350L Lantern

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I am often going out into the garden after dark, to put food out for my foxes, top up the mammal box and check on my hens, so when I received this for trial, I was quite excited! I am usually looking around for a torch to negotiate my garden or the steep bank climb to access the fox field and I felt this would be much easier to use.


This lantern is made by Bushnell and matches up to their high standards in trailcams. It is of a rugged construction and feel sturdy and well made. It stands just over 27cm tall and the base, with 4xD size batteries, means it is stable when on the floor.


In Lantern mode, it has 3 brightness levels, achieved by pressing the large front button. The high level emits 350 lumens of light, low emits 140 lumens and the ultra low, 5 lumens. There is also an option for a red glow. I have watched badgers in the past with a red light, that does not seem to worry them. I would imagine the low level and red mode would be good for night time wildlife watching, but I have not trialled it with such as of yet.


A simple twist  of the collar and the light is directed as a beam, like a torch. This mode is useful if negotiating a path as you can direct all the light in front of you.






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The different levels of light strength or red halo, are easily changed through a press on the large front button.


This lantern was very useful in a powercut, lighting up the whole room when placed in the centre. It would be superb for camping trips as a safe way of illuminating the camping area or tent.


The beam mode is meant to stretch to up to 166m!

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I use this lantern every evening when I go up the garden. We have no street lights where I live so my garden is pitch dark. This is SO much better than a torch!  It illuminates such a large area, it is easy to negotiate steps and various trip hazards and I can then simply place it on the foor when shutting in hens or feeding the foxes, without having to try to balance with a torch in one hand.


I think it is great and don't know how I managed without it!


If you regularly go out after dark, like I do, then I would thoroughly recommend it!  For camping enthusiasts, it would be brilliant.... but I am thinking of all my wildlife friends who troop up the garden to fill hedgehog feeding stations after dark....or are setting up moth traps, or trailcams after dark..... get it on your birthday or Christmas list!


I am hoping to stock this in my shop. It retails for around £50.00




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