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This has to be one of my favourite nest boxes! The innovative side view design of this box gives a different view on your occupants, rather than the traditional ‘aerial’ view.  I feel that this gives a more 'intimate' view of the birds and I have been thrilled with the results.


The clever design has the camera body and connections are mounted behind an opaque plastic panel fitted with a small slot for the camera lens to shoot through. As the camera is mounted at the top of the sloping side wall, nesting material and mess is kept well away in the nesting well at the base of the box, meaning a clear view at all times.


This kits is available in my shop and it is one of my best sellers.

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This kit includes:

• High quality bird box with integrated camera compartment

 and quick release camera bracket

• High quality, HIGH RESOLUTION COLOUR CCD camera

  (up to 520TVL resolution) with built in

 Infra Red Illumination enabling viewing 24 hours a day.

 (Colour images during the day and B&W images at night).

• Integral microphone to hear as well as see what’s going on inside the Bird Box.

• User adjustable focus lens to ensure pin sharp images

• 30m of professional cable, where as most kits are sold with only 20m.

• 12v Regulated Mains adaptor

• Fixing Kit

• Scart Adapter

• 2 hole protector plates 28 & 32mm to help protect the nest from predators


I have my kit plugged into my PC, so I can record footage and the images below show you the kind of footage you can obtain from this great nest box!

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Gardenature Side View Nest Box

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