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Spike's Dry Hedgehog Food

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I rarely feed just one food stuff, as I like to offer a variety. Just like we might get fed up of a diet of just one foodstuff, I think our wildlife would too. A hedgehog's natural diet is pretty varied and I would imagine that individuals have different favourites as well. By providing a variety of suitable foods, I hope to attract as many hedgehogs as I can.  I mixed the Spike's Hedgehog food with sunflower hearts and dried mealworms. I sometimes add some crushed peanuts too. Make sure you do not feed peanuts whole as the hedgehogs can get them stuck in their back teeth meaning they are unable to close their mouth. It is worth saying that a diet too high in peanuts / sunflower hearts can alter the calcium/phosphorous ratio which can lead to a calcium deficiency, so a mixed diet that just supplements the hedgehog's natural diet is always best. I placed the mixture in my two hedgehog feeding stations. One is under cover in a hedgehog box and the second is 'Prickly Diner', in the open. With cameras on both, it was easy for me to watch the hedgehog reaction to the foodstuffs from the comfort of my office!


The proof was in the eating..... by the morning just about everything was gone... and this has been the case every night!

Due to the popularity of this food, it has now become a staple foodstuff in my patch. I feel it offers a palatable, easily served food that I know is providing my hedghogs with the nutrition they need. This will be particularly important as we head toward the end of the summer and the hedgehogs need to build up their reserves for winter hibernation.


Its crunchy consistency means that it helps keep a hedgehog's teeth in good condition. It keeps well, although I transferred it out of its bag into an airtight plastic container to keep it fresh. A zip-seal on the bag would have been good as I could have then kept it in the bag.


Spike's World products are available in a range of pet food stores and onlne retailers.


For more details about the products check out my other reviews and visit their website by clicking the link below:

Spikes Dry 2 5kg Visual 2011

The team at 'Spike's World' developed this hedgehog food after realising there were no products on the market designed specifically for hedgehogs. It followed their rescue of an injured hedgehog and their offer of caring for it and releasing at home.


Realising a gap in the market, they worked alongside local hedgehog rescue centres to develop a food that was both popular and nutitious and they now offer three hedgehog food products; this dry food, a semi-moist food and a wet food. I trialled the dry food.


The food is attractiively packaged and offers a great, simple way for you to feed the hedgehogs in your garden. It is suprising how many people still think you should give a hedgehog bread and milk...they cannot digest lactose and it can make them quite poorly. This product  has been specifically designed for our prickly visitors, with 'nutritious and delicious chicken-based ingredients designed to supplement a hedgehog’s natural daily diet.'


 The first thing I did was offer it to my cats.... I have problems with putting dry biscuits like this out as my cats (and my neighbour's cats!) then frequent my hedgehog feeding stations. I was pleased to see that they were not impressed and would not eat it.

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