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The Nuttery 'Geohaus' Feeder

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From Garden Bird Supplies

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 15.11.19 P1070726

Whilst at Gardeners' World Live this year, this feeder caught my eye. When you have as many feeders as I have in the garden, when I see something a little different in terms of look and design, I am always interested. I saw it on the great 'Garden Bird Supplies' stand and the guys there were happy to let me have one of these great feeders to review!


This feeder certainly looks more attractive than many feeders I have and the whole design is very well thought out. Even the labels and the cardboard inserts are all beautifully designed and this feeder

really is a perfect one to package as a gift!

P1070739 P1070737 Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 15.11.19

The question was, did this feeder's looks match up to its functionality? I took a closer look and set it up in my patch to find out......

P1070732 P1070733

The hinged lid is made of a sturdy metal, as is the outside cage and interior feeder.

There is a thick plastic top, which doubles up as a funnel.  This not only helps you fill the feeder without wastage, but holds the interior feeder in place in the centre of the cage.

P1070731 P1070735

The well designed catch at the top clicks securely into the external cage ensuring the lid cannot be opened by squirrels!

The whole feeder comes apart completely, making it extremely easy to clean.....


Even the plastic base separates from the cage. This is where food can often congeal, so this is a brilliant feature. As the base is plastic, it is easy to clean or put in the dishwasher!


There is just enough space, inside the cage, to mount a nest box camera, so I thought I would try one there to get an aerial view of the visitors!


I then screwed the external cage onto an upright post, filled the feeder with nuts and placed it in position on a fence post.


All I had to do was to wait for some visitors!

P1070740 P1070744 P1070746 P1070747

The squirrel was one of the first to visit.  He spent some time clambering around and trying to position himself so he could get this head through the external cage. The rectangular design and the distance from the cage to the feeder meant he was unable to reach the peanuts. In his frustration, he chose to chew through the cables to my camera instead!


The birds were not phased by the cage and blue, coal and blue tits happily passed through the external cage to feed inside. I have not seen the woodpecker discover this feeder yet, but I would imagine they would not have any problem accessing the food. The only real problem I have had with this feeder is that my birds are really not interested in peanuts at the moment! They much prefer the sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts I have on offer, so I am not getting many visitors and not live streaming the (repaired) camera as of yet. I am considering trying sunflower seeds in the feeder instead, if interest in peanuts does not pick up in the coming month.


Overall, I am greatly impressed with this feeder. I love its trendy look! It is very well made and its thoughtful design means that it all comes apart for cleaning. Cool design combined with excellent functionality makes this a winner! It is not surprising that this quality feeder also comes with a TEN year guarantee. I am hoping to be stocking it in my shop in the near future.


I think it makes a great addition to any garden!