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Nature's Feast Twist Feeder

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I am well known for my obsession in bird feeders and I have lost count of how many I have now. When I first saw this new feeder from Nature's Feast, I thought what a good idea it was, as its three twisted compartments mean that you can feed three different types of food from one feeder. This is great if you have limited space or you don't want to have too many feeders up in the garden. Being able to feed three differing foods means that you maximise the chance of attracting species, especially if you add a tray onto this feeder. Not only does the tray catch dropped food and prevent wastage, but also encourage species that do not like hanging or sitting on the perches. Nature's Feast produce a screw on tray for their feeders. I sometimes use these, but more often, I buy a cheap teflon pizza tray and screw this on the base. It offers an even bigger surface for species to sit on and is easily cleaned.


Three twisted seed chambers look fantastic if filled with constrasting-looking seeds. I use sunflower hearts, black sunflower seeds and  Nature's Feast 'Finch's Favourite'. This combination also attracts lots of different bird species.


This feeder has 6 ports to allow high capacity feeding and features strong cast metal lid, and base. The ports are also metal, meaning that the squirrel is less likely to damage it.

This feeder very quickly became a firm favourite in my garden. The feeder does come apart for cleaning as well, but I did find this a little fiddly as the lower perches have to be unscrewed to release the base. A quick release system like the other Nature's Feast feeders would have been better possibly. It is quite a difficult feeder to keep clean.


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"Nature's Feast's award winning All Seasons Twist Feeder has been flying off the shelves over the weekend following its appearance on BBC Gardeners' World on Friday 15th June 2012.

The unique and stylishly-designed feeder was featured on the programme after being picked up at the BBC Gardeners' World Live show by wildlife expert Kate MacRae.

Attracting an array of different wild birds into the garden is usually achieved by having a number of feeders throughout your garden. However, Nature's Feast's All Seasons Twist Feeder comprises three intertwined feeding chambers, allowing three different blends of seed mix to be accommodated at any one time.


With its six feeding ports, the high volume All Seasons Twist Feeder is suitable for most seeds and mixes, and is guaranteed to attract the widest variety of birds.

Rachael Dickinson, Marketing & Category Manager for Nature's Feast, said: "We are delighted that our feeder was highlighted on the show. We know how unique and successful the product is and for Kate MacRae to endorse it on the programme is just fabulous. We had completely sold out of feeders at the BBC Gardeners' World show by Saturday morning, resulting in more having to be delivered."



I have just about every species that I have in the garden visiting this feeder!

The video below shows two of my favourites; the goldfinches and my beautiful bullfinches. This feeder certainly makes a very attractive addition to any garden!

Whilst exhibiting at Gardener's World Live in 2012, I reviewed this feeder with Rachel de Thame on Gardener's World programme and it resulted in the company selling out of these great feeders!